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Being human is a beautiful and mysterious thing. And it’s not always easy.

Your body is a like history book, your entire past and much of your family’s past archived within it.

And no matter how much you put the past behind you mentally, your body always remembers.

As amazing and pleasurable as life can be, we all experience difficulties and challenges we’re not prepared for.

Be the cause direct, indirect or completely random… mental, physical, emotional, relational… personal, familial, cultural or environmental… from this life or a past life… stress, injury, illness, trauma and less than desirable habits, patterns and experiences are facts of everyone’s lives.

That being said, you certainly need not be consumed, held back, enslaved or made ill by their effects.

  • Are you experiencing strange, uncomfortable or unwanted physical, mental or emotional symptoms that defy explanation or resist treatment?

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed, on edge, more reactive, shut down or insecure in situations where you know there is no need to be?

  • Do you have compulsions, addictions or troubling behavior and relationship patterns that seem to have a life of their own?

  • Have you spent time in the doctor’s office, on the therapist’s couch or engaged in spiritual or body practices to no real, significant or lasting avail?

  • Are you stuck or struggling mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually or in your relationships despite your best understanding and efforts?

If so, you’re not alone.

And you’re certainly not broken or crazy.

There’s a perfectly rational explanation for what’s happening to you.

All of the above issues could very well be arising from the effects of trauma, injury, prolonged stress, unexpressed emotions or a traumatic reaction to something in your past.

Something you may or may not remember.

The good news is that contrary to what you may have read, heard or what many people believe, you’re not a hopeless case, irrevocably damaged or destined to stay stuck in your current state or patterns.

In fact, these symptoms and patterns can be shifted, greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

With the right mindset, information, commitment, self-care and outside support, the effects of stress, trauma, relational wounding and less than useful family and cultural conditioning can be understood, re-patterned, resolved and healed.

Beyond that, they can be a source of great transformation and awakening. Not just for you as an individual but for your family, your community, the planet and who knows what from there.

When trauma, stress, relational wounding and our less than desirable habits and patterns are understood, renegotiated and transformed, your body and your mind learn to work in your service. Reactivity diminishes and a whole new life of spontaneity, creativity and joy opens up.

From there, you can be who you truly are.

After all, your body is your home and if you don’t feel safe, at peace, fulfilled and connected there, you won’t feel safe, at peace, fulfilled and connected anywhere.

Imagine feeling completely at home in your body and what that would open up for you.